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Plan now for the happiest holidays

Holiday Loan
Holiday Loans

  • 5.99% APR
  • Borrow from $500 to $2,500

Before you can say Pumpkin Spiced Latte, gift season is here. Use our low-cost Holiday Loan to plan the happiest holidays.

Get away and relax, bring home faraway family, or get something extra special for those you love.

It’s easy to budget; just 12 payments and you’re done.

Apply today and you’ll be ready.

Annual Percentage Rate effective 9/1/18, subject to change, is the lowest rate available for qualified buyers, and ineligible for Loyalty Discounts. All loans subject to credit approval. Monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed at 5.99% APR for 12 months=$86.07.


Seven steps to financially prepare for the holidays

With the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare financially to budget and tame your use of credit for gift-giving, entertaining and more.

First, start budgeting now!

  1. Plan how much you will spend and who you spend it on. If you don’t have the money yet, make a plan to save enough before you need it.
  2. Start price-shopping on what you want to buy so you can set an affordable budget. Besides gifts, consider food, entertainment, lodging, and travel.
  3. At Thanksgiving, your food expenses could increase, as well as the costs of gas, food for family visits and your travel expenses if you’re doing visiting.
  4. Don’t think you have to do post-Thanksgiving holiday parties by yourself. Plan potlucks and assign items such as drinks, ice, and paper plates.
  5. Credit cards are great for convenience, but, unless you pay them off in full, your holidays will get a lot more expensive.
  6. Think about this; if you use your credit card for holiday expenses, you’ll be paying interest on food, gifts and transportation every month.
  7. Try to make this a debt-free Holiday Season. Pay cash, stick to your budget and leave the plastic at home!

Remember, the bottom line is to keep the holidays in perspective. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the season. For more financial tips, visit our Personal Resources Page.


Here’s to next year’s holidays

Christmas Club Accounts
Be ready for the 2019 holidays! Enroll in a Christmas Club account and earn a special dividend rate through October 31, 2019. Your funds will be automatically transferred to your checking or regular savings account. Members with Christmas Club Accounts always love seeing their holiday funds get a boost just when they need it.

There’s no minimum opening balance and you can make unlimited additional deposits any time. Set up regular automatic transfers so your account will grow without you even thinking about it.


Our Platinum shines brighter by being lower

Visa Platinum Rewards credit card

Don’t be distracted by shiny department store credit cards offering one-day shopping discounts. Their high rates cancel out any savings.

Use our Visa Platinum Rewards card instead. Our rate is much lower than theirs, and you enjoy all the perks of Visa Platinum, including extended warranties and loss protection on qualifying purchases.

As low as
MCCCU Visa Platinum Rewards 9% APR
Kohl’s 26.74%
Macy’s 26.99%
Nordstrom 24.65%
Target 24.65%

Rates gathered online 8/27/18 and subject to change.

Every time you use our Visa Platinum Rewards card, you earn ScoreCard Rewards you can redeem for travel, electronics, merchandise and more.

Don’t have our card? Apply now.
Have it in time for your holiday needs.


eSigneSign makes life easier

eSign saves time, which is great because during the upcoming holiday season, you have more important things to do than sign loan papers at a branch. With eSign, you can sign loan documents any time from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.



Offers too good to be true

Fake check scamsFake check scams

There’s been an alarming increase in counterfeit check scams, with fakes so convincing they sometimes fool financial institutions.

The scammers send legitimate-looking checks to their potential victims offering:

  • Prize awards
  • Job offers
  • Mystery shoppers jobs
  • Other ways to get money with minimum effort

The consumer is instructed to deposit the check into their personal account and transfer part of that deposit right away to a third party via wire transfer, or to buy prepaid debit or gift cards.

Scammers know federal law requires the deposit to be credited to the recipient’s account immediately, but the actual check-clearing process may take several days. By that time, the thieves have their money and the victim is left holding the bag.

Our team works hard to combat fraud, and our tellers are trained to spot counterfeit checks and ask questions if checks seem suspicious.

Never deposit a check from an unknown sender, and remember, no legitimate business will ask you to deposit a check and transfer part of it to a third party. Email us if you have questions about a check you’ve received.



President’s message

Established in 1948
I’m often told by members how MCCCU has helped them. We’ve funded more than a few vehicles, opened many doors to homeownership, and helped members save for a secure retirement. I’m proud to lead a credit union with such a distinguished history of service.

Throughout this year, our credit union is celebrating its Platinum Anniversary. During the month of October, we will be celebrating with 70 Ways to Give in our communities. This program is a fun and meaningful way for us to say thanks for all your support

On Thursday, October 18th we will celebrate International Credit Union Day, which is coincidentally also celebrating 70 years. Stop by for food, freebies and fun at all branches. Follow our Facebook page to learn more.

Steven P. Andrews



At home with Zero Down mortgages

Mortgage Center

Don’t let the lack of a down payment stop you from purchasing your dream home.

Our partner, Mortgage Center, has a new Zero Down mortgage that can help you purchase the home of your dreams without needing to put anything down.

Mortgage Center has a variety of mortgages to help you purchase or refinance your home. Call 800-353-4449 to speak with a mortgage expert and start your no-cost pre-approval today, or visit

Mortgage Center NMLS# 282701.
Equal Housing Lender.


Get Cash Rewards, Deep Discounts and Exclusive Savings

Love My Credit Union rewards

Credit union members have saved nearly $2 billion with Love My Credit Union Rewards discounts! The more offers you take advantage of, the more you save.

  • Get up to $300 cash reward for new lines you activate. Plus, get up to $150 cash reward every year for as long as you are a Sprint customer.*
  • Save up to $15 on TurboTax federal products!
  • Get an exclusive smoke communicator and a $100 gift card with a new ADT monitored home security system. Call 844-703-0123 to activate this special offer.
  • Get trusted protection at true savings with the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program.
  • Shop and get cash back at over 1,500 online retailers with Love to Shop.

To find out more and learn about other valuable discounts, go to our website or You get all these offers and discounts just for being a member of Motor City Co-op Credit Union.

*See for details.


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Motor City Consumers Cooperative Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Motor City Consumers Cooperative, Inc. will be held Tuesday, October 9, 2018, at 5 pm, on the lower level of our main branch at 37321 Garfield Road in Clinton Township.

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