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HOME DEPOT DATA BREACH-September 9, 2014

Please follow the link above for information regarding the recent Hole Depot data breach.


Motor City Co-op Credit Union has learned of an email that was sent to some of our members indicating that they had won a gift card from “Motor City Credit Union” and that they need to follow a link in that email that takes them to another web page on the Internet.

We advise that you DO NOT click on that link.  This is either an attempt to obtain more information from you or to load some type of malware or virus on your computer.

If you receive such an email purporting to come from Motor City Co-op Credit Union or from Motor City Credit Union, please contact Member Solutions at 1-800-328-8051 ext 2402 to report it.

Thank you for your assistance.




The Federal Reserve has recently restructured the check-processing operations within the Federal Reserve System. Effective February 27, 2010, there is only a single check processing region, which will result in checks no longer being considered non-local for purposes of Regulation CC. A single check-processing region will subject some checks to faster funds availability schedules.
What This Means For You
As a result of these changes, checks that were once considered non-local and subject to longer hold times will now be considered local and subject to faster availability. The first $100 from a deposit of local checks will be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit. The remaining funds will generally be available on the second business day after the day of your deposit. Please refer to your funds availability disclosure for deposits made at nonproprietary (non Motor City) ATMs and/or exception holds.
If you have any questions, please contact Member Solutions at 1-800-328-8051.


Motor City Co-op Credit Union has been alerted to the fact that many of our members are receiving text messages inquiring about credit cards at an unnamed “credit union” or “cu”, or stating that they require information for “your cu”.

Motor City Co-op Credit Union does not currently use text messaging via cellphone or any other means to communicate with its members, nor would it ask its members to supply personally identifiable information in a text message.  Furthermore we discourage the use of unsecure systems such as messaging or personal email to provide private information.  The Credit Union provides other secure means to contact us with your credit union matters.  We wish to thank our members who have brought forth information to allow us to inform the rest of our membership about the perpetrators of these frauds.



An Internet site called “A1 Consolidation Group” is using our street address to perpetrate fraud.  After numerous attempts to contact this company to alert them to the “mistaken address” on their web site, we’ve determined that the web site “” is a “pharming” site as described in our Consumer Alerts section at this page:  Questions and Answers About Phishing and Pharming.

The company “A1 Consolidation Group” has nothing to do with Motor City Co-op Credit Union and is neither referred nor endorsed by us.  If you have provided your personal information via links on the “A1 Consolidation Group” website, we advise that you go to the U.S. Government’s Identity Theft center at this link: and read the advice provided.


Phone Calls

Please use CAUTION when providing personal information over the phone. Some credit card companies may use automated phone calls to inform you of suspect transactions on your card. Call us at 800-328-8051, option 5, if you have any concerns or need to verify the reason for a phone call.



Motor City Co-op Credit Union DOES NOT send emails out for you to confirm your account information, nor does any other financial institution we know of.


Counterfeit Check Scams

One of the largest frauds to U.S. consumers are counterfeit check scams. Click here to learn what to look for.


FBI Fraud Alert

You might be involved in a fraud or could be about to be scammed, if you answer yes to a few of these questions.